Our doors have been open to the public for over 35 years. Our variety of high quality materials and friendly, experienced sales staff offer a welcoming environment to the retail public when they want to start their landscaping projects and need to know how.


The sales staff at Whittlesey has extensive experience in helping customers determine what materials they will need for their home to make sure they are happy with the end results.

Quality Control

All products are rigorously laboratory tested to ensure quality, consistency, and safety. In contrast to other landscape suppliers, Whittlesey is very unique because we manufacture a large amount of our material. With this, we are able to make high quality product at a competitive price.


We provide materials directly manufactured by us to ensure the freshest possible product in any quantity you need. Our materials are made to meet the needs of the Central Texas area landscapes.

Product Samples

We have two locations, the majority of our material is on display at our Round Rock location. As we continue to expand we have various materials to offer at our South Austin location as well. Of course you can also view the majority of our products on our website as well. This offers our customers the opportunity to see how our materials are used and helps them develop ideas for their landscaping projects.


Many experienced landscapers use our products. If you need assistance with your projects, we can refer you to a specialist.

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